Unleash the Love

Where Every Step Down the Aisle is a Pawfect Moment!

Where Your Dogs Become a Part of Your Special Day!

At Here Comes the Floof, we understand that your wedding day is a momentous occasion filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. Let us help you create unforgettable moments by helping safely include your dog on your special day.

About Us

Hello! We are Megan & Doran, husband & wife owners of Here Comes The Floof! Furry friends have always been a part of our lives, from our childhood, to adopting our first doggo together.
I, (Megan) worked as a veterinary technician for 14+ years while also running a pet sitting business. When Doran and I got married this last year in Durango, we wanted to include our large dogs in our big day, but after planning, we discovered every person who could take care of the dogs were already included in our wedding. Our dogs are big and rambunctious, and they would require dedicated pet attendants to take care of them. From the lack of good options, the seed was planted that has grown in to “Here Comes The Floof.” The first Durango + New Mexico based company that includes your dog(s) in your wedding. No added stress or scheduling, just big smiles and tail wags.

Services We Offer

From the heart of the city to the quiet corners of the countryside, Here Comes the Floof is delighted to bring our paw-some wedding services to every corner. Wherever you are, let us make your day truly special with your furry friend by your side!

Paw-fect Attire

Choose from our collection of adorable and stylish wedding attire for your furry friend. From custom-designed outfits to elegant accessories, we ensure your dog looks dashing and fits your wedding colors on your special day.

Professional Pet Handling

Relax and enjoy your celebration while our experienced pet handlers take care of your dog's needs. From walks to playtime, we guarantee a stress-free experience for both you and your floof, allowing you to focus on making memories.

Customized Floofy Decor

Elevate your wedding venue with our dog-friendly decorations. From personalized paw prints in the aisle to specially designed doggy stations, we create a charming and welcoming atmosphere that includes your furry family member in every aspect of your celebration.

Why Choose Us

Make your wedding day a celebration of love, unity, and the bond you share with your floof. Here Comes the Floof is here to turn your dreams of a dog-inclusive wedding into a reality. Let the paw-ty begin!

Our Packages

The Basics
$ 520
  • Bring your pet to the ceremony/venue and bring back home.
  • Max. 3 hours
  • Includes pick up, transportation, drop off, and time at venue/ceremony location
The Full Day & Beyond
$ 920
  • A Little More + some time after the ceremony.
  • Max 7 hours
A Little More
$ 720
  • The Basics + Getting ready pics, cocktail hour, and/or bridal party introductions.
  • Max. 5 hours.
  • Includes pick up, transportation, drop off, and time at venue/ceremony location.
Raise the Woof
$ 400
  • (3) hours attendance and care for
  • (1) pet including transportation up to 30 miles
Furever and always
$ 600
  • (5) hours attendance and care for
  • Feed lunch and dinner
  • (1) pet including transportation up to 40 miles
I Will Always Woof You
$ 800
  • (7) hours attendance and care for
  • Feed lunch and dinner
  • (1) pet including transportation up to 50 miles

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